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Oil lubricated screw compressors


Oil lubricated screw compressors

Higher and more efficient production of the compressed air is achieved by the correctly sized airend, the reduction of the inner losses, the sizing of the cooler with a proper position in the compression housing. The economic regulation is achieved with efficient asynchronous motor including VFD.

These key parts could cause most of the losses and thereby, contribute to the complete compressor’s efficiency. The producer selects each part of the compressor from the most reliable producers. Electrical equipment is mostly supplied by Siemens or Schneider Electric. The airends are mostly selected from established producers as are GHH-Rand, Aerzen or GD.

Zephyr compressors are directly coupled with the motor and the airend and this solution has several benefits against the belt driven or gear driven solution. Direct drive compressors have no losses in comparison to the belt driven ones by approximately 15%. Furthermore, direct driven solution positively effect the working conditions in low speeds where the lifetime of the bearings lasts longer and therefore, prolongs the reliability of the airend and the compressor. Additional important benefit of a direct drive is a minimal service cost for the moving parts.

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