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Refrigerated air dryers


Refrigerated air dryers

After the compression process the air is saturated with moisture including dust particles and oil. These particles represent a serious danger for the end device where it could cause dysfunction, damage or influence proper operation.


Zephyr dryer has specifically designed compact exchanger modules with a cross flow system of the air and refrigerant. Hot and saturated air enters the unit for precooling. The air is cooled down by outgoing dried compressed air and this process decreases the heat load on the exchanger. It has a positive influence on the operating cost by about 30%. The cooled saturated air enters the exchanger where it reaches the required pressure dew point (PDP). The air is cooled in the exchanger and subsequently the condensed moisture is collected and drained out. The dried and cooled air then flows through the cross flow exchanger where it is heated by the incoming compressed air.

OC Industrial Group AG uses only environmentally friendly coolant.

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